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Mac User Group Membership Database

I developed a very simple Filemaker Pro database to help keep track of attendance at a Mac user group that I'm involved with, the National Capitol Apple Mac User Group. I'm releasing it open source as an aid to any other user groups that may be able to make use of it.

Introduction to Digital Certificate File Types

Here's a short introduction to the different types of files that you might encounter when dealing with digital certificates. Did you ever want to understand PEM vs DER encodings? .cer vs. .p12? This article covers the different types of files, what they're used for, and where you might encounter them.

Slides and Followup Article from MacIT 2013

I presented a session with the title Certificates, Profiles, and Trust at the MacIT conference in San Francisco on February 2, 2013. I've posted the slides, along with an article with detailed steps.

Slides from MacSysAdmin 2012

I was a speaker at the MacSysAdmin 2012 conference in Göteborg, Sweden on September 11-14, 2012. Here are my slides from that conference.

Do Not Use PPTP VPNs

PPTP VPNs were known to be cryptographically weak, but Moxie Marlinspike has just announced a tool called ChapCrack that can recover the underlying password from a PPTP session negotiation. As of now, do not use a PPTP VPN. Instead, use a L2TP/IPSec or SSL VPN.

Slides from MacTech 2012 Conferences

I was a speaker at the MacTech conferences in New York and Chicago. I've posted the slides here.

Tech Topics Newsletter

New! Sign up for the tech topics newsletter, sent out on a bi-weekly basis. Back issues are archived here.

Press Coverage

Paul Suh, the president of ps Enable, was recently quoted in Network World magazine about Mac OS X in the enterprise.

About the Company

ps Enable, Inc., provides computer consulting services centering on Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, with real-world experience in systems integration, security, and web presence. It emphasizes integrating computer systems into an organization's business workflow rather than just having them as an adjunct.

ps Enable, Inc., has the knowledge to facilitate every phase of an organization's information technology project, from business needs analysis, to design and implementation, to end-user training and maintenance. In each phase, ps Enable, Inc., can provide both in-depth technical knowledge as well as project management skills that result in the maximum capability for the customer.

ps Enable, Inc., offers in-depth expertise in a variety of fields:

  • Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server, including Active Directory integration, Mac-based directory services network design and deployment, and XServe RAID/Xsan storage area networks.
  • Network security, including firewall and network security design and integration, e-mail filtering and analysis, and intrusion detection systems.
  • Development of custom applications based on WebObjects, AJAX, Cocoa, and Filemaker Pro.
  • Website infrastructure development based on the Plone content management system.
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